Crossroads Tours COVID 19 Protocols 


Crossroads Tours will clean, disinfect and ventilate all vehicles before each tour. Initially Crossroads Tours will conduct all the tours on a private basis only, which means one family or a closed group of people will not be travelling with another family or another closed group of people in the same vehicle. A closed group of people is defined as a guests who have reserved their trip together.

Before the Tour –

The guests will have to answer the questionnaire about the whereabouts and physical health of guests before the tour job is accepted.

The Driver/Guide will check the temperature of each person before boarding and will provide hand sanitizer to each guest.

If any guest from the family or tour group has a fever (or coughing, etc.) the tour will be suspended for the entire family or group. The guests will not have to forfeit their fare; they may exchange the fee for future tours.

During the Tour –

The Driver/Guide will sit in the driver’s seat; the front row passenger seat on the right will remain empty. Guests must use non-front row seats only.

It will be mandatory for everyone to wear their mask at all times. If guests breach this arrangement, the tour will be suspended and no refunds will be offered.

Guests will be asked to refrain from touching the door handles. Only the Driver will open and close the doors of the van. This will minimize the amount of surface contact in the vehicle.

General safety measures such as proper coughing hygiene will be requested and will be clearly communicated onboard.

Meals will be packed for guests in insulated bags. Guests will be asked to pack up the left overs and trash in the same bag and be responsible for these items for the remainder of the day.

When spaces do not allow social distancing, one-way movements will be suggested. We will exclude areas that will not allow our guests to stay a safe distance from other tourists.

A Hand Sanitizer bottle will be available on board.

Crossroads reserves the right to modify or change or add more procedures if necessary.



Are any of your tours cancelled?

Is there a cancellation fee should I decide to cancel?
There is no cancellation fee for many of our tours. See our cancellation policy here. Please contact us at if you are concerned about traveling at this time. We are more than happy to reschedule your tour at your convenience.

What are you doing to insure that I will be safe during your tour?

  • We will question all guests if they have been sick, and where they have travelled to prior to the tour.
  • We will disinfect our tour vehicle daily. We encourage you to bring disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, and tissues for the day.
  • We will avoid crowded spaces in Yosemite, yet still visit every destination on the itinerary
  • Your tour guide will be healthy and eager to show you amazing sights.

Are there enough facilities in Yosemite National Park that I can wash my hands frequently?
Yes, we will stop regularly for restroom breaks and hand washing.

How many people will I be exposed to during your tour?
We offer small group and private tours. Consequently, your tour group will usually number less than 10. If you are on a private tour, the only participants are your group and your tour guide.

Are there any places in Yosemite National Park that are crowded?
Yes, but there is plenty of room in the park to view all the major sights.

Will I be using public transportation while I am on your tour?
No, we will transport you in our private comfortable A/C motor vehicles.