Terms and Conditions

As you are booking our tours you automatically agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page:

Cancellation Policy

Small group tours and private tours can be cancelled 3 days prior to the tour for full refund. The tours that include Amtrak, small planes, helicopter, hotels, and other activities which are offered by other vendors are subject to their policies and may not be refundable. Cancellation within 72 hours will incur full charge for one day tour and one day charge for multiple day tours.

NO cancellation policy* applies to all charter and specialty vehicle reservations such as weddings , prom, birthday or night out and all charter or specialty vehicle reservations- all sales are final.

Guaranteed Payment

All reservations are subject to a guaranteed payment / Deposit 20 to 50% of the total amount. A credit card number will be taken at the time that orders are placed. These orders will be billed if no advanced cancellation is received. (See Cancellation Policy above.)


Children must have a car seat provided by the passenger. Note: Passengers are obligated to inspect and install baby car seat. Crossroads Tours is not responsible for any incident may occur caused by Baby Car Seat or Infant Car Seat – Please follow Child safety seats installation instruction carefully!

Absolutely no underage drinking or illegal substances will be tolerated in or around the vehicles. If suspected, trip will be immediately terminated without refund.

Child Car Seats

  • Infants from 0-1 years must be in the back seat strapped into a rear-facing car seat until they reach 20 pounds
  • Children between 1-8 years (or heaver than 20 pounds) must be in in the back seat (some exceptions apply) and strapped into either: a rear-facing car seat until they reach the maximum height/weight limit for the seat, a front-facing car seat with a 5 point harness until they reach the maximum height/weight limit for the seat, a booster seat if under 4 feet 9 inches and over the height/weight limit for a car seat or a regular seat belt in the back seat if taller than 4 feet 9 inches

Airport Greets

Available upon request in the baggage claim for $45 + Private Car Rate. E-mail or Fax us your corporate logo or client name/s. Regular Airport Pick up is Curb side, the driver will be waiting at Cell Phone waiting area.

Long Distance / Out of State Trips

Extra charges may apply. Please call for a quotation.

Group Transportation

Crossroads has several vans and buses for larger groups or special events. Please call us today to learn more about our corporate account discounts.

Lost and Found

Crossroads Tours is not responsible for lost or stolen articles / items. However, every attempt is made to return lost items. Please check your belongings and the seat around you once the Vehicle has come to a final destination or complete stop.

Waiting Time

There is a 10-minute grace period. After the grace period has elapsed, there is a charge of $50 an hour. Additional charges apply for 100-inch, 120-inch stretch limousines SUV’s and Party buses.

Shared Rides

For shared tours minimum of 3 people must be there to do a Tour or company reserves the Right to cancel the Tour and refund the money paid. In all shared tours guests agree to co-operate with the Driver and not cause any inconvenience to other guests. If problem exists the guest may be asked to leave and no refunds will be made.


Tipping is one of life’s great mysteries. Like love and religion, it can be a source of endless befuddlement and deep philosophical pondering. Oh, all right, it’s nothing like love or religion. But it can be confusing to know who, when and, most important, how much you should tip. After all, the line between gratuity and gratuitous is a fine one.

We usually revert to socially accepted standards – ranging from 15 to 20%. On jobs that have multiple days and or drivers involved, 20% will automatically be charged to your final bill unless otherwise discussed before the job begins. In all other trips the gratuities are not included in the agreed price and guests are requested to pay the driver directly or authorize us to charge your credit card. Minimum of 15% is suggested.


None of the fees are included in the charges and any other expenses made on behalf of the guests will be charged to their credit cards. Some shared tours include lunch and fees please inquire ahead of your trip.


Crossroads Tours is not responsible for traffic jams, construction, bad weather or anything else that could delay your travel, Please plan accordingly.

We are not liable for activities that we are booking for Yosemite Outfitters, Lasting Adventures, and Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides.

Photographs and Video

Our guides take pictures and videos during the tours. All pictures and videos are property of Crossroads Tours. By accepting our tours, you are also giving us permission to use these pictures and videos on our websites, social media and promotional materials. If you do not wish for us to use your pictures or videos, please let us know and we will not use them for our advertisements.