Visit Yosemite National Park

Tour & Hotel Packages start from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fresno and Oakhurst areas to Glacier Point and Yosemite Valley.

Visit Yosemite with your friends

We offer customized private tours of any size.

Make a Y for Yosemite!

Visit the spectacular Tunnel View above Yosemite Valley

Visit Yosemite's Glacier Point

We are one of the very few tour companies that go to Glacier Point.

Hike the Spectacular Four Mile Trail

The Four Mile Trail connects Glacier Point to Yosemite Valley. We will drop you off and pick you up at the end of the trail.

Free Refillable Water Bottle

Yosemite offers many locations where we can refill our water bottles.

Visit Yosemite in comfort

Relax, and let us do the driving.

Visit Yosemite's High Country

On day 2, we can take you on a customized tour to the High Country of Yosemite National Park, which very few people get to enjoy.

All Inclusive Tours

Many of our tours include lunch, bottled water, snacks, park entrance fees and gratuities.

Visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Visit 3 National Parks on our 3 day Majestic Mountain Loop Tour – Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks

Visit Yosemite by Amtrak

Tours include the Amtrak Train ride, overnight Hotel, and Tour. Roundtrip from SF or LA, or stop in Yosemite on your way between SF and LA.

Visit Yosemite by Helicopter or Small Plane from the SF Bay Area

Avoid the long commute. Climb aboard our scenic Helicopter or Small Plane and enjoy a 5 hour SUV tour of Yosemite Valley.

Crossroads Tours

Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, Wine Country, Greater San Francisco Bay Area

Small Group and Private Tours only

No big buses! We stop at more places because of our small vans. Enjoy your Yosemite tour with a warm and friendly small group.

SPECIAL for a Limited Time Only! Tour Yosemite Valley in a Stretch Limousine for less than $120 per person! Includes picnic lunch, entrance fees, and gratuities. Save $300 off the normal price. Click here to learn more.

Top 10 Yosemite Tours   Ranked #1 in Yosemite

Small Group Yosemite Tour with Ahwahnee Lunch

Glacier Point, Yosemite Valley, Giant Sequoias


Includes park fees, lunch, water, gratuities.
Optional 4 Mile Hike
$179 from Fish Camp  / Redwoods in Wawona and Yosemite West
$199 from Oakhurst, Mariposa, Bass Lake, Coarsegold
$229 from Fresno, Merced, Madera
+ Senior, child rates.
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Oakhurst Area to Yosemite Tour

Fresno Area to Yosemite Tour

Book - Fish Camp

Private Yosemite Air Tours


Includes Flight, Zipline, Museum, picnic lunch, comfortable SUV, transportation.

From $975

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Yosemite Air Tour from Oakhurst

Yosemite by Air Tour from Fresno


Yosemite Aerial Photography Tour
from $1175



Just want the flight?

Scenic Plane Ride - $275

Aerial Photography Flight - $375

Private Yosemite Paparazzi Tour with Photographer

Optional 4 Mile Hike

$975 up to 4 people
includes lunch, park fees, and gratuities
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Yosemite Paparazzi Private Tour

Semi Private Yosemite Tour

Glacier Point, Yosemite Valley, Giant Sequoias, (8 people max)


Optional 4 Mile Hike
Lunch, Water, Snacks, Entrance fees, and Gratuities included.
$425/2 persons - Oakhurst, Mariposa
$475/2 persons - Fresno, Merced, Madera
$400/2 persons - Fish Camp
+senior rates
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Book Fresno Madera Merced Now

Book Oakhurst Mariposa Now

Semi Private Yosemite Tour from Fish Camp


Private 4x4 Hummer Tour

Optional 4 Mile Hike

$895 for up to 4 persons
Includes lunch, bottled water, snacks, entrance fees, and gratuities.
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Private Yosemite Tour with Hummer

Small Group Yosemite Tour

Glacier Point, Yosemite Valley, Giant Sequoias


Optional 4 Mile Hike
Lunch, Water, Snacks, Entrance fees, and Gratuities included.
$149 Fish Camp  / Redwoods in Wawona and Yosemite West
$169 Oakhurst
$199 Fresno, Merced, Madera
+ senior, child rates
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Oakhurst to Yosemite Group Tour

Fresno to Yosemite Group Tour

Fish Camp to Yosemite Group Tour


Yosemite Tour with AMTRAK & Hotel

Optional 4 Mile Hike

SF or LA
Includes lunch, bottled water, snacks, entrance fees, and gratuities.
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SF or LA AMTRAK to Yosemite Group Tour

3 Day Three National Parks Tour

Optional 4 Mile Hike

From $599
+ Senior and child rates
Includes lunch, bottled water, snacks, entrance fees, and gratuities.
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Fresno 3 Day Three National Parks Group Tour

3 Day Three National Parks Group Tour

Make a Y for Yosemite !

Crossroads tour guides are local residents who enjoy sharing their love of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.


Over 50 Billion water bottles are used in the USA alone and only 23% are recycled. We want to help you decrease your carbon footprint and offer you a free refillable water bottle! There are several locations in Yosemite where we can refill the bottle and we hope you will reuse this bottle again in the future with our complements.

Yelp Reviews



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Highly recommended day tour ex Fresno

Gregg B

Review of: Yosemite and Glacier Point Day Tour

An excellent full day tour with pick up and drop off in Fresno. An early start but well worth the effort to avoid the crowds early in the day. Over 7 hours in total within Yosemite allowed sufficient time to see all the major sights you read about in the guide books. A comfortable vehicle and a knowledgeable and engaged host driver. Highly recommended tour.


A great day and a secret adventure


Review of: Private Tour: Yosemite by Helicopter or Small Plane and SUV from San Francisco

I went with my parents on a day trip to Yosemite. Traveling by plane is the way to do this trip! The flight takes ~40 minutes each way and the rest of your day is spent driving in and around the park. Ram was our driver and guide and we were joined by a naturalist from the Yosemite Conservancy who knew everything about the plants and wildlife at the park.

It is a day trip, so you don’t have much time to just get lost in your experience. We saw Yosemite Falls, El Capitan, Halfdome, Bridalvale Falls and more. So, you see alot, but you don’t have time to take a nap under a tree. 🙂

I was nervous about the coordination of the trip as it involved a number of pieces — a car to pick my parents up at my house and drive us to the airport; the flight to and from the airport in San Carlos; the airport pickup and the tour itself; and, of course, lunch and snacks. So, there were a lot of parts but everything worked perfectly. There wasn’t a single glitch in the day. We just had fun.

I would recommend this trip if you have friends or family coming in with limited time. Doing a day trip to Yosemite is a great surprise that most people wouldn’t expect. And you get back in time for dinner


Sequoia and Yosemite – beautiful experience


As part of our first ever trip to the United States we originally selected two tours we wanted to take of the National Parks (Sequoia and Yosemite). The company replied suggesting that we take the Majestic Mountain Loop tour (three National Parks which included the two we wanted plus the Kings Canyon – one tour per day out of Fresno). We decided to take their suggestion.

We were picked up about 7:15am, with another couple aboard, and off we went on our first day tour, being Sequoia. Beautiful area and our driver Richard had a very full knowledge of all aspects of the National Park, which he shared with us. The whole park was absolutely impressive and the sequoias were mind-blowing. Magnificent. The day for each tour was 11-12 hours duration which makes a long day.

By what seemed a chance remark to one of the rangers, Richard found that because of road maintenance, the Kings Canyon would not be accessible the next day. Seemingly the Crossroads Company was unaware of this problem as we had not been told in advance that we could not go to Kings Canyon.

We elected to have a day in Fresno, rather than take the Yosemite trip on the second day (which was offered as an alternative).

The third day of our Majestic Mountain Loop tour was to the Yosemite Valley. Once again there was another couple on board, and both of our trips were in a comfortable SUV. Yosemite was even more mind-blowing and we had a great day and Richard was again our driver and guide. We stopped at many places and saw so many highlights. Excellent.

By chance, the final section of our return to Fresno had Ramji, the company owner, driving us to our hotel. He is a very pleasant person and we discussed the cancelled Kings Canyon trip and the refund that we would receive. No problem. There was a problem though. It took six weeks and a number of emails from us until we fnally received our refund.

Apart from the rather slow turnaround for a refund, then I would thoroughly recommend Crossroads and their tours.


An amazing visit


What a wonderful day in Yosemite! Tour guide/driver Rick was a genial font of information about every aspect of the park. He skillfully piloted the SUV thru Yosemite’s winding roads which allowed us to drink in the scenery. Don’t be deterred by the early start. It’s a crowd beating technique and allowed relaxed photo stops. Lunch is generous, companionship superb. Highly recommended.

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