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Fresno Madera Wine Tour




$425 for 1-4 people, $110/additional persons

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Fresno Madera Wine Tour

Napa Valley Tour

San Francisco

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6 reasons to hire us as your Wine Tour Operator


1.  A designated driver

If you plan on having a good time, let someone else worry about the driving. You need to go safely and come back home safely. No one wants to risk a DUI.

2.  All Wine Tasting Fees are Included

If Wine Tasting fees are required at the wineries they are on us. Most wineries charge a wine tasting fee between $5 and $10 but when wine touring with us it is included in our price. Normally you would pay those to each winery you visit before you taste what they are pouring, anywhere from $5 to $10 (or, sometimes free). Don't worry about any extra costs for tasting with us!

3.  Your insider "Friend" in the business

As a Tour Operator, we have insider knowledge and established relationships with the wineries to maximize your wine tasting experience. Why not enjoy a VIP experience? It's so much more enjoyable to learn a little and be entertained as you enjoy tasting wine.

4.  We personalize

Let us personalize the tour for your group as much as possible. Learn about what makes each winery special, and what they are known for by reputation. Our Driver Guides are experienced in learning which other wineries you might enjoy based on your feedback.

5.   Trust our integrity

Unlike some tour companies, we do not take commissions from wineries for bringing you to certain ones. Our emphasis is on making the best possible experience for you and your group. Enjoy the confidence knowing we are looking after your interests.

6.  Your local expert

We know the local land, vineyards, and stages of the development of grapes. We can provide a vineyard tour at your request.


What to expect on a Wine Tour with us



Whether you're traveling on your own or as part of a group, expect to have a memorable and remarkable time! Be prepared to buy the wines you like on the tour, enjoy the ride, and have a good time with your friends and family.

A one-day trip that encompasses several wineries in Napa Valley or Sonoma California is quite expensive, while a two-week excursion through Bordeaux, France, will be in the thousands. Even within one Tour Company you'll find variable prices. Some companies provide van transportation and shuttle groups of 15 or more from vineyard to vineyard. They may also work with intimate groups where transportation is a limo, horse-drawn carriage or hot air balloon. Just like elsewhere, here in the Central Valley, we can personalize your experience to make it as exotic as you'd like. You can choose a group tour or private tour.